Graduate Student Funding: AY23-24 Packaging Schedule

May 25, 2023



June 1, 2023

Matric roll -TFS

TimesheetX opens for AY-23/24 for all students.

Departments use TimesheetX for first year students with early starts and for funding according to the Timesheet X matrix.

June 1 — June 30, 2023

GSAS packages students in Banner

June 30 — July 10, 2023

GSAS provides student packaging details to departments by request.

July 6 — July 14, 2023

System integrations send Banner packaging to Workday creating the compensation plans, setting up the initial costing, and hiring new students.  These integrations are validated by GSAS, HCM, Costing, and Banner teams.

July TBD

GSAS provides training for departments. Ongoing office hours available through the academic year.

July 15, 2023

Initial Obligation for FY24 processes in Workday

July 18, 2023

Obligations and Commitments continue through the academic year.

Costing updates in Workday open and may be made through the August and September Costing deadlines for the Semi-Monthly Payroll.

Cut off for costing changes is typically, two days prior to payroll completion date for that pay period)


July 15 — August 31, 2023

The Student Employment Office will monitor hires after the initial load from Banner to manually adjust hire dates if required due to late entry in TimesheetX.

August 15, 2023

Final Compensation changes for the August 31st payroll must be provided to GSAS.