In July 2022, Yale transitioned to a new Graduate Student Funding (GSF) process, replacing the Graduate Student Payment System (GSPS) with Banner, Workday, a Data Mart, and Power BI for graduate student payment transaction execution and reporting.   

Graduate Student Funding records and manages the full funding package for graduate students, approximately $190 million annually, including: 

  • Stipend, tuition, and health fellowships from grants, endowments, and GA/central funding
  • Sources external to Yale 

More information on the Graduate Student Funding process can be found on the Resources and News pages. 

For more information on Graduate Student Funding, view the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences  website.


May 26, 2023
GSF AY-23/24 Early Start, Summer and One-time Payment Processing
May 25, 2023
KEY DATES ACTIVITIES AND DEADLINES June 1, 2023 Matric roll -TFS TimesheetX opens for AY-23/24 for all students. Departments use TimesheetX for first year...
July 14, 2022
New Graduate Student Funding process goes live on Tuesday, July 19